Father Christmas Costume Ideas 2016 – An Outfit For You

Father Christmas Costume Ideas 2016

Father Christmas CostumeWelcome to Father Christmas Costume. Santa Claus is once again coming to town. Choose your adult male Santa Claus costume below or click one of the shortcuts below to see a selection of Father Christmas accessories, Miss Santa Costumes, or Child Costumes.

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Christmas Day is celebrated on the 25th December each year in a number of Christian societies. From a religious point of view it is often marked as the birth of Christ, although it has been argued that text mentioned in the Bible, puts his actual Birthdate more in the Spring season than Winter. Furthermore, it is argued that Christmas Day (or Xmas Day) in a religious context was created to usurp pagan religious celebrations. It is perhaps quite ironic then that in the modern age, Christmas for many people is now primarily about giving presents to one another, Christmas trees and Father Christmas aka Santa Claus.

Father Christmas / Santa Claus himself is an invented figure. He is apparently a mix together of a gift giving past Saint – St. Nicholas, who is said to often give gifts in secret, and the character of Father Christmas as seen in Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. Although that character was not known for gift giving. So the nature of Santa Claus is described by the nature of a past saint, and the Father Christmas Costume is based on a fictional character.

Since then, the Santa folklore has grown ever more bizarre, with the concept of reindeers whisking Santa through the sky at night on a sleigh. Not only is the concept of flyinbg reindeers bizarre enough, but also that fact that in some countries that celebrate Christmas, having snow is the exception, rather than the norm, hence the sleigh seems ridiculous too. Still, at least Santa is not dressed up like he’s about the hit the beaches of Australia eh?

So Christmas now is about gift giving, and the coming together of friends and family and hopefully the healing of painful rifts through forgiveness and / or dialogue. The magic of all of this is perhaps enhanced greatly through the climate in those countries that are cold during this time of year. So you have the physical warmth of household heating, or traditional fireplaces and the metaphorical warmth of groups of associated people mutually agreeing to come and share time together at this one time of year.

Christmas is also about parties. People like any excuse to throw a party and one around the spirit of Christmas is as good as any – so long as at least one person comes in a Father Christmas Costume! Social or community groups will throw parties too as a celebration to end the final coming together of the group for that year. Although rather than parties or in addition to parties, they may have a fun contest event. And even companies like to get in on the act. Some companies like to use the occasion to take their work force out either during a normal business day, or after a normal business day for a meal and party session.

Christmas comes once a year. But is greatly appreciated and celebrated by many.
If you will be attending a part and need to dress up. Ensure you have a great Christmas Costume.

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Merry Christmas and a Fruitful and Prosperous New Year!

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North Pole – supposed residence of Santa Claus, his reindeers and his elves. Oh let us not forget Mrs Santa Claus lives there too.
Are you looking for some Santa Claus Pictures. There are many to be found online of the old cheerful fellow. Still looking for further information on the background of Santa Claus / Father Christmas? Where he came from, how he was first seen, to how he is depicted now? The history of Father Christmas is out there. “Why did Santa Claus get stuck down the Chimney?” “I do not know. Why did Santa Claus get stuck down the chimney?” What would Christmas be without some good Christmas jokes to add to the fun, cheer, and shenanigans.

Behind the Father Christmas Costume – Some Maybe Interesting Information about Father Christmas aka Santa Claus

Interestingly, the character Father Christmas in the gift giver sense that we currently associate him with, was originally a character that simply represented good cheer at Christmas. He did not give gifts and he was not this figure that would make every child want to write him a list of their Christmas gift wishes or see him in a grotto. The Father Christmas Costume back then was not the crimson red with white frills that we see nowdays. One description in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol describes him as wearing a green costume lined with fur.

The modern interpretation of Father Christmas as we now know him, was the result of taking an historical figure called Saint Nicholas or Sinterklaas. This religious figure was known for his secret gift giving. So combining that with the Father Christmas figure, the Americans created Santa Claus, and Brits being Brits, chose to import the interpretation but keep the original name Father Christmas (shame about Marathon and Opal Fruits not retaining their original British namesakes). Of course due to movies and such, the term Father Christmas and Santa Claus are practically interchangeable in the UK, although Father Christmas does still appear to be the preferred term here.

So now we have the tradition of Father Christmas having little Santa’s Grottos (guess it was too much of a mouthful to say Father Christmas’ Grotto hehe) to give small gifts to children in the run up to Christmas, and then the bigger folklore of the real Santa coming on Christmas Eve while the children are asleep to drop down their house’s chimney and leave presents under their Christmas tree or in a sack or stocking.

And even though adults know better, a grown up version of Santa that does not require anyone to wear a Father Christmas Costume has been invented for work colleagues or friends called Secret Santa. (Hmm, do you think there might be only another 50 years before the term Father Christmas becomes a rarely uttered reference in the UK?) In this “game” everyone puts their name into a hat and draws one out. They then have to buy that person a gift, and that person is not supposed to know who bought it, at least not until the present is opened, if the gift giver has chosen to reveal their identity. It is a fun way to celebrate Christmas amongst a regularly meeting group of people.

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And now, just for fun, let us speak Christmas-ish language. Can reindeer really fly? Guess you will just have to read up on Christmas traditions to find that one out because this is a site about Santa Claus costumes and Christmas costumes. Elsewhere you can find Santa’s little helper costumes, but not angel costumes. It is Christmas time. Let us celebrate and look forward to that turkey dinner and gingerbread. Make this Christmas a real special Christmas story. Wishing you a Merry Christmas 2016 and a Happy New Year 2017 from Father Christmas Costume 2016.