Miss Santa Costume & Mrs Claus / Mother Christmas Costumes

Miss Santa Costume & Mrs Claus / Mother Christmas Costumes

Looking for Miss Claus / Mrs Claus / Mother Christmas Costumes

Behind every great man, er Santa Claus, is a great woman,er Mrs Claus. Often referred to by several different names, you can buy a Miss Santa Costume, Mrs Claus Costume, or Mother Christmas Costume.

Naturally, the Miss Santa costumes are designed more for younger women. So they might be a little flesh showing or sexy. On the flip side, a Mrs Claus / Mother Christmas costumes should look more fully clothed and fluffy like their Father Christmas counterparts.

Unlike Santa Claus however, Mrs Claus does not have origins from popular folklore. The earliest mention and popularisation of Mrs Claus apparently comes from a poem called “Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride” made by the poet Katharine Lee Bates in 1889. Still today, the concept of Mrs Claus is a minor character. Children and in fact people continue to want to see Santa Claus, not Mrs Claus.

As such Mother Christmas or Mrs Claus costumes are not as popular as are the sexier Miss Santa costumes that are targetted at younger women. Miss Santa Cosumes are are aimed at fancy dress parties or for use as Father Christmas’ / Santa Claus’ Assistant. Therefore, if anyone wants to dress as Mrs Claus or Mother Christmas, they will most likely have to improvise by buying Santa Claus / Father Christmas costume and chucking away the beard.

Miss Santa outfits tend to come in the form of a dress. The top may be a fully covered or an open design. And the bottom is usually a skirt which may be worn with red, white or stripy stockings. The outfit will usually have the traditional white furry frills on the edges. A santa hat will usually be worn to complete the outfit. There are also variants from the traditional red and white Santa colours. You can get them in elf or Christmas Tree green. You can also get them in black, and you can get them in pink too. In addition to that there are a range of fabrics and materials available. You can find a Miss Santa Outfit to suit every budget.

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